July 7, 1989

I was standing outside on Sherbrooke St. in front of a tree on which I had hung my favourite Philodendron. It was night and the wind had picked up. Manuela and Karen wanted me to walk with them, so I took the plant from the tree and we started to walk toward Beth’s apartment. I siad, “I love this plant,” which symbolizes D., but I didn’t want to walk by her place because I felt it would be too dangerous. I asked Manuella where her car was. She said she did’t know, but we changed directions to look for it. I asked Karen to please hold my keys, and she dropped them on the ground. Just then, I went blind, although I could sense where the keys were. Karen picked them up. I kept walking with them blindly.

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About Teresa

Teresa Carey is a ceramic artist, writer, photographer, journalist, publisher and nature lover. She lives in Manitoba's Interlake on a small acreage close to the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

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