First ever Fun Dog Show at Silver Hall brings out a good crowd

Article appeared in the Feb. 27, 2013 issue of the Interlake Enteprise, by Teresa Carey…

 The town of Silver went to the dogs the afternoon of Feb. 24, but all agreed it was a lot of fun.

 Twenty-two dogs, of all sizes and descriptions, congregated with their handlers at the Silver Hall for its first ever Fun Dog Show, a fundraiser for the Arborg and District Agricultural Society.

Close to 80 people helped make the event a success. Some as volunteers, and others as patrons who paid  a reasonable $5.00 entry fee at the door, or purchased tickets for the silent auction that was packed with dog-friendly prizes.

After expenses, about $800 was made, said Ag Society board member Monique Smith, who assisted with registering participants. The money will go toward developing the new Arborg Fair and Rodeo site in Silver, four miles south of Arborg near the corner of Hwy. 7, expected to be up and running in time for the annual fair and rodeo at the end of July.

The dog show was emceed by Fiona Odlun, formerly of Fraserwood, now working as a traffic reporter for CJOB. She posted an audio clip and photo of the Top Dog winner on the CJOB website afterward.

The dog show program consisted of eight classes, from Best Costume to Overall Champ Top Dog. Judging was done by Patricia Tschanen, owner of Crazy Jumpers Dog Agility School in Fraserwood, and Carol Wearing, owner of Woof N Hoof Dog Grooming and Kennel near Arborg.

The show was meant to be pure fun for everyone. The dogs, while all well-socialized to other dogs and people, were not required to be seasoned competitors. In fact, some of the younger dogs in particular, were first-time competitors. Several  of them strayed from the competition track to sniff and lick the hands of delighted audience members.

The show was an opportunity for kids of all ages to have a unique experience with their pets and learn a little more about dog training.

While every dog who took part was a winner in its own right, the “official” winners in the eighth classes were as follows:

The “Best Costume” (i.e. the dog with the best costume) was won by Shannon LeBel’s dog, Blaidd, a Greyhound-Wolfhound cross. (Second place winner was Pam Sigurdson’s Blue Healer cross, Bandit.)

  • The Most Handsome Dog was won by Tucker, owned by Chrissy Bourjonje. (Stefan Tergesen’s Arlo, a long haired Chihuahua took second place.)
  • Prettiest Bitch was taken by Urs Strebel’s dog Kylie, a striking charcoal-coloured  Weimaraner. (Heather Malazdrewicz’s Border Collie Lacey came in second.)
  • Child’s Best Friend was tied by all the handlers, children who ranged in age from two-and-a-half to fourteen, showing dogs of all breeds and sizes. The handlers were Grace LeBel, Karlie Bjornson, Skylynn Sigurdson, Kayla Dalkieth, Tavyn Sigurdson, and Anne-Drew Sigurdson.
  • Sit and Stay was easily taken by Stefan Tergesen’s long-haired Chihuahua, Rudy. (Pam Sigrudson’s Bandit came in second.)
  • Best Dog Trick or Talent was won by Heather Malasdrewicz’s Black Labrador Retriever cross, Prism, who showed off some of her dance steps . (Second place was a moppish-looking Shiatsu cross, Mickey, owned by Pam Sigurdson).
  • Best Ambassador dog  was won by the sweet and smart Border Collie, Lacey. (Pam Sigurdson’s Mickey came in second place.) The rules stipulated that dogs in this category be rescued dogs, and that their handlers tell the stories of the dogs’ journeys.
  • The Overall Champ Top Dog was decided by applause. It was taken by Stephan Tergesen’s brown long-haired Chihuahua,  Arlo, who competed during the day with his companion, Rudy–the dog who showed everyone what “sit and stay” really means.

The judges used some basic criteria to decide the winners. Best Costume was judged on the amount of work, originality and fit of the costume; Most Handsome Dog and Prettiest Bitch were judged on overall body health, conformation and coat appearance; Child’s Best Friend introduced young handlers to basic skills. They walked their dogs around pylons and over hurdles. Each child earned a certificate for their effort.

The next fundraiser for the Arborg Ag Society takes place on Mar. 9 at the Silver Hall when the annual Ag Society social will take place.

The Adrienne Gaudry Band will bring their country rock from Brandon for the evening. The ever-popular cowboy auction will take place that night as well.

For more information about the Ag. Society or any of the events taking place, contact Lenore Olafson at (204) 642-2700.

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