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I signed a petition which asked the question, ‘Do you agree that the Jewish people have a biblical right to Jerusalem?’ But I intended to qualify it with a comment. Unlike other petitions I have signed, there was no opportunity to place a remark beside my name. I feel so very strongly about this issue, I have to set the record straight. WE ARE ONE HUMANITY!
Here is what I replied after receiving confirmation that my signature had been received:


I signed the petition, but believed I would be able to make a comment along with my signature.
Please remove my name, T. Carey from it, and unsubscribe me from the email list.
I am not pro or anti Jew, nor pro or anti Muslim. You are brothers and sisters, yet you BOTH act so shamefully toward each other. God expects better conduct of us. He or she leads through love and we should follow the example.
These wars and social unrest:I remember watching the news as a child and feeling so saddened that parents were teaching their children how to harm others. I said prayers for you when I was nine, but you obviously did not hear them.
What you BOTH are doing in the name of religion is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. It has gotten to this stalemate because of BOTH of your obstinate mind sets.
We are brothers and sisters in humanity. Do not do to the babies of your professed enemies what you do not wish done to your babies.
What I want to say is I support you BOTH living in harmony in Jerusalem–not just a Jewish right. If I cannot qualify my support for your rights, I must then withdraw completely.
Thank you.
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Teresa Carey is a ceramic artist, writer, photographer, journalist, publisher and nature lover. She lives in Manitoba's Interlake on a small acreage close to the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

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