Jim Gauthier: ‘Big Guy,’ big heart

by Teresa Carey…

Everyone has heard of the “Big Guy,” Jim Gauthier of Jim Gauthier Chevrolet, and many have come to know the “Big 3” too. The three guys, from the company’s 1400 McPhillips St. location, have drawn attention by their many advertising antics over the past two years.

Jim Spencer, business manager, and Frank Hunt and Darrell Parrisian in sales, write and design their own ads, and have a lot of fun doing it.

“People follow us from month to month to keep track of our ads, to see what kind of funny things we’ll come up with next,” said Hunt. “It’s all designed to make it fun. If you put something funny in–like the surfboarders–it’s an eye catcher.”

The three take photographs of each other’s heads, and have the images pasted onto hot male physiques, then plaster them on huge placards.

“We’ve pretty much been in every sports outfit–baseball, football, hockey, surfing–now my wife wants me to look like that,” Hunt jested.

While the “Big 3” claim they have the best job in the world, it is not all fun and games. They have eked out a deserved reputation as the Northern Auto Specialists, as a result of going above and beyond the call of duty in their service to to rural and northern communities, even going so far as to bring in complimentary food and supplies if asked.

Jim Gauthier Chevrolet makes free deliveries anywhere in Canada–the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, or Northern Quebec. No matter what the challenge, they will see that the vehicle is delivered, whether over land on rough terrain, or over water on barges.

” If Santa needs a vehicle, we’ll send it to the North Pole,” said Hunt. ” We’re market driven–so that when you call, we’ll get it to you.”

Great service, a new call centre that has taken off” big time” with three friendly telephone marketers, and a positive energy would seem too tough to beat. Yet, Jim Gauthier Chevrolet has taken that greatness of spirit even further with the company’s robust sponsorship of many sports and music programs in the north.

Jim Gauthier has helped fund such great things as the Melvin Fontaine Hockey Tournament, the Canadian Native Fastball Championship, the Industrial Hockey team, Sagkeeng Hawks Midget Hockey, and many others.

The company is the main sponsor for NCI Radio Jam’s ‘Friends on Friday’ program, York Boat Days/Talent Day in Norway House, Manitoba Star Attractions, and the MB Motocross Association annual dirt bike race program.

Keep an eye out for the Big 3, because they just might find their way out to your community. They travel throughout the year to different major community events.

“We show our faces and give out tee shirts,” Parrisian said.

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