June 4, 1989

In this dream: I was lying in my bed, curled up to some books. Something was strangling me. I thought it must be my own extension cord, but realized it was Beth’s hanging plant (the clinging vine) that was wrapped around my throat. I panicked and tried to wake up. I thought I had succeeded when I managed to turn the lamp on. (However, this is not the lamp I have beside my bed.) Then I tried prying my eyelids open with my fingers. They popped open, and waking reality popped into view and startled me.

Dream last night: It was night time and Beth and I were driving in the back of a cab. I wasn’t sure where we were going, but she seemed to know. We had some of our things unpacked on the back seat. I had given her some clothes. We arrived someplace and I felt a little panicked. We got out of the cab and gathered our things. I was able to collect the top and socks I was going to give her, and was so relieved that she didn’t get them. She reached in and got a bag of potato chips and an open bag of Cheezies. I snuck one and slyly smiled at her. I yelled, “You lied!” and ran outside. I wanted to run and hide behind a tree, but the nearest one was too far away to get to quickly. Again, in a panick, I tried to pry my eyes open with my fingers, and this time woke up more easily. In a semi-consious state I thought I was the red glow of my curling iron. I got up to check it but it was off. A hallucination. In the morning I felt really depressed, drained, and traumatized.

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Teresa Carey is a ceramic artist, writer, photographer, journalist, publisher and nature lover. She lives in Manitoba's Interlake on a small acreage close to the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

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