Collaboration is the key to local Etsy sellers’ success

…by Teresa Carey

The Winnipeg Etsy Street Team (W.E.S.T.) is about to kick off its eighth handmade and vintage sale on Nov. 7, this time at the Holy Cross Gymnasium, 290 Dubuc St. in Winnipeg. The public will be eager to connect with the nearly 50 creative, home-grown entrepreneurs in this season’s lineup and can look forward to coming away with some pretty awesome gifts. Shopping hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Attendance is typically in the thousands at W.E.S.T. sales, which have taken place at different locations in Winnipeg each spring and fall. The sales attract a diverse crowd, typically comprised of socially conscious buyers who want to shop local while supporting artisans, vintage curators, and ethically minded small business.

With 224 members from across Manitoba and N.W. Ontario, W.E.S.T. relies on its membership to make each show a memorable experience for the public. Collaboration is the key to the stellar success of each of W.E.S.T.’s sales and anyone who sells at a W.E.S.T. event is also a volunteer.

W.E.S.T. members are responsible for every facet of the sale–from the brain storming, planning, and assembling its team of volunteers at the beginning, to the design and distribution of promotional materials, and the decorating of the venue and making up all the swag gift packages. In addition, members work non-stop at the advertising and promotion so necessary for a successful event. Their message gets out by word of many mouths, through social media, personal blogs, and even by appearances on television and radio to talk about their creative work and about Etsy.

The Etsy brand has been steadily gaining in popularity. This on-line marketplace helps connect people from around the world to sell and buy unique goods from artists, designers and curators. Since its establishment in 2005, the site grown to 1.5 million active shops from nearly every country on the planet. Sellers range from hobbyists to professional artists and merchants, while buyers come from all walks of life.

Etsy is far more than just a selling platform though, it is also offers its sellers a whole range of tools for success, from business support and workshops to providing a meeting place for creators. Etsy has become home to numerous social groups consisting of like-minded individuals who can share ideas and gain inspiration, or come together to plan local events. The Winnipeg Etsy Street Team (W.E.S.T.) is but one group out of hundreds that was spawned on Etsy.

Some of the one-of-a-kind things to be found at the upcoming W.E.S.T. sale will include,
wooden quote/photo blocks, bags, sticks and stones mobiles, eco friendly, all natural products, hand knitted, hand sewn, hand woven items, “subversive” embroidery, and hand dyed yarn, gifts for mom and baby, gifts for him and her, modern handmade and vintage jewelry, clothing and accessories, candles, wood crafts, bar accessories, custom stationary, prints and greeting cards, water colour paintings, original ceramic art and pottery.

It could be a one stop shop.

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