I am an artist and journalist, with never enough time to fully do justice to any of my projects. I heartily wish to be able to streamline the workings of my brain, and perfect the details of my life, so as to finally be able to fully immerse myself in what’s important to me.

I created this blog, partly to document some of my past writing–journalism articles that I wrote and liked, dreams I had years ago, and interesting snippets of old journals that I wrote at pivotal times in my life. Unfortunately, one year I decided to do a great purge, and burned a couple dozen journals (sigh, me!) I used to write poetry, so decided I would also like to take that up again, when the inspiration moves me to.

Please feel free to intrude upon my deepest musings and most naked moments. I have become quite secure in my process, and would enjoy pondering what comes to another’s mind. Whether I know you, or whether you are a stranger, we share a common bond of humanity.  So, comment in any way you wish, with full disclosure, or by leaving a wee note behind.



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