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A lovely thank you card sent to me by the employees at the CIBC in Fisher Branch, MB


We in CIBC in Fisher Branch want to thank you so much for the article in the Spectator. We all had a great fun day and you even made it more special by splashing us on the front page of the newspaper. We have become celebrities overnight, we are the hit of the town and surrounding area. Many wonderful comments.

Thank you again.

Linda Trachuk, Laurie, Melanie Pearce, Janet”



I’d like to personally thank you on behalf of the Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group members for your assistance in the judging of the Poetry Challenge on April 27th at the New Icelandic Heritage Museum. It is always great for our writers to get feedback from other writers. We appreciate the coverage of local events in our newspapers and it helps us as a group to attract new members. Thank you for taking the time to come to our event.

Debra Dusome
President LWWG


Dear Ms. Carey;

Am writing to say how much I appreciate your articles in the Interlake Spectator. They are informed from a non-biased point of view along with a style that engages the reader. Very professional and well done. Keep up the good work.


Sharon Cote
Moosehorn, Man.



You really always capture the essence of what you are writing about. You write well and I don’t give that accolade easily! It comes through in EVERY article I have read that you have written. So Congratulations. I hope you seek a wider audience for your writing.



I’m really impressed with the number of stories you’ve been writing. You’re doing fantastic work!

It’s harder than people think to, not only gather the info, but tie it all together in a story without skimping on quality.

I’m so proud!



Hi Teresa,
I read the story you wrote on our guys doing the lead-up training for Northern Bison out in Gimli – it was great!

Would you be interested in submissions of imagery and stories from the Ex up North? Would you like to do a phone interview with some of the soldiers? I know we have a guy from Teulon on the Ex…

Donna Riguidel
Lieutenant | Lieutenant
38 Canadian Brigade Group Public Affairs Officer


Hello Teresa,
Sorry I didn’t get to spend very much time with you on Saturday at the Art Show. I seemed to have been caught up in the madhouse of questions and concerns with many interruptions.
I saw that you were taking notes as I talked. If you need any information on any of the artists, I have email addresses and huge amounts of info buried in my head.
Unfortunately, there were some questions you had and I did not know the answers. I hoped that others could have provided this info.

I love your articles. You keep us so very well informed on what is going on around the area.

Thank you,


Hi, Just wanted to pass along that I met one of the priests involved in the St.Laurent grotto mass when I was in Lundar on Saturday. He spoke very highly of the piece you did, and was very appreciative. Jennifer


Thanks Teresa for the news article in the Spectaor re: Fieldstone AGM. You truly captured the evening’s intent to look ahead and move forward with opportunity!
Thanks again for coming to Ashern!

Hi Theresa,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how well received your article on my trip overseas was by my constituents. I haven’t had more feedback on an issue in years.
I’ll let you know when the Russians are going to do their demonstration flight from Krasnoyarsk to Winnipeg in the new year. It may be a good opportunity for a follow-up especially if we take it to the next level and commit to the feasibility study which was the purpose of my trip.
I’ll keep you posted.
Once again, thanks for your coverage. Its nice when us lowly backbenchers get a little positive press.


Hi Teresa,

That was a great article you wrote up for our group. Thank you so much for doing this.
Very accurate to what we discussed and I love the picture.



Dear Teresa,

Thanks for doing compiling such a nice article about the church and thanks for fitting in the picture of a completed church, for which they fund raised.
Thanks again for doing such an excellent job.

Happy Easter

Dr. Demsas


Hi Teresa. Your article in this weeks Interlake Enterprise, “Arts & Ag this year’s theme for Gimli Ice Festival”, was very well written.


Peter Holfeuer


Thank you so much for your article on the Clarence Tillenius Trail. I’ll be visiting that Trail soon. I would never have known about the existence of the Trail had the Interlake Enterprise not disclosed it to me.

Thank you again – you made it an interesting and challenging read.

Roy Yerex
Sandy Hook, MB


Irene Louise Nunn, my mom, grew up in the Interlake Region of Mb.  I didn’t know much more about her when she died suddenly at 38.  She had kept her past a well guarded secret.  So, after she died, I, like singer, song-writer, Alice Merton, set out “digging holes” in pursuit of her ghost: her long departed story.

My search for her ‘ghost’ leads me to acknowledge three of Gimli’s homegrown: Frances Petrowski, Ann Eyjolfson and Lorna Tergesen.

Frances and Ann were the boots on the ground in locating records and a class photo of mom’s grade 9 attendance.  They also pointed me to Lorna Tergesen who knew my mom some 60+ years ago.  She gave me a snapshot depiction of mom and her era.

Many thanks for bringing my mom, Irene Louise Nunn’s ghost, into the light!

Cindy Chapman

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